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A celebration of life here in New Zealand with great food and ingredients  fresh from the garden and ocean, with enjoyable detours on the way: art and craft, self-build projects, curing bacon, making cheese…

My little corner of paradise…

I feel very lucky to live on the Coromandel Peninsula, here in New Zealand. Destination Coromandel, our local Regional Tourism Organisation, has produced some amazing short films featuring different parts of the Peninsula.  Here is the one for the Northern Peninsula... read more

Passion fruit sorbet

A carpet of passion fruit under the vine… the high winds and rain this month have given me a glut of passionfruit to use up and this is the perfect solution! It is sweet but deliciously zingy and the flavour of the passion fruit really comes through. I made enough... read more

Pickled Onions

I was sitting outside Umu Café the other night enjoying one of their vegetarian platters, and realising again what a fine thing a pickled onion is… They are crisp, sweet, tangy, subtly-spiced – just delicious. The ones at Umu are pink too, which makes them very... read more

Bliss Balls

This time of year I find half-bags of dried fruit in the kitchen cupboard left over from various Christmas baking projects… and I am also looking forward to school lunches and hoping I can do a better job of putting healthy stuff in the box… bliss balls... read more

Fishy business

If you are out there catching snapper this summer, why not keep your fish frames and use them to make delicious stock or soup? To make stock: Add 3-4 fish frames and any other fish offcuts to a big pot. Add a roughly chopped onion, a roughly chopped carrot, some... read more

Liz’s Kitchen

There are a number of new eating options in Coromandel Town this summer. I am aiming to get round as many of them as I can and give you my views (terrible job I know, but someone has to volunteer for this sort of thing!)   The first review is of Liz’s Kitchen... read more

Asparagus, Bacon, Broad Bean and Feta Salad

Spring’s here (just about) so let’s go out into the garden and see what’s ready to eat… Now the days are getting (marginally) warmer, I’m heading outside to see what fresh seasonal food is ready in the garden. This recipe brings together... read more

Spring has sprung…

The start of Spring has to be one of the best times of the year. Spring feels so hopeful and full of anticipation of longer warmer days, easy living and relaxation… I can’t wait! We have been looking after a goat the last few weeks… Here she is – Paolo! It has been... read more

Auckland Food Show

Wow! What a busy Auckland Food Show… these are the photos taken of the calm before the storm… 30,088 people came this year over four days!        And ‘hello’ to all the new friends I made… I had some truly interesting conversations and met lots of... read more

I love beans!

Beans have lots going for them; they are really good for you and cheap to buy. Dried beans cost less than cooked tinned ones, but the dried ones need soaking and cooking, so you may find tinned ones are more convenient. Beans are good for you because they are crammed... read more

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