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A celebration of life here in New Zealand with great food and ingredients  fresh from the garden and ocean, with enjoyable detours on the way: art and craft, self-build projects, curing bacon, making cheese…

Liz’s Kitchen

There are a number of new eating options in Coromandel Town this summer. I am aiming to get round as many of them as I can and give you my views (terrible job I know, but someone has to volunteer for this sort of thing!)   The first review is of Liz’s Kitchen... read more

Asparagus, Bacon, Broad Bean and Feta Salad

Spring’s here (just about) so let’s go out into the garden and see what’s ready to eat… Now the days are getting (marginally) warmer, I’m heading outside to see what fresh seasonal food is ready in the garden. This recipe brings together... read more

Spring has sprung…

The start of Spring has to be one of the best times of the year. Spring feels so hopeful and full of anticipation of longer warmer days, easy living and relaxation… I can’t wait! We have been looking after a goat the last few weeks… Here she is – Paolo! It has been... read more

Auckland Food Show

Wow! What a busy Auckland Food Show… these are the photos taken of the calm before the storm… 30,088 people came this year over four days!        And ‘hello’ to all the new friends I made… I had some truly interesting conversations and met lots of... read more

I love beans!

Beans have lots going for them; they are really good for you and cheap to buy. Dried beans cost less than cooked tinned ones, but the dried ones need soaking and cooking, so you may find tinned ones are more convenient. Beans are good for you because they are crammed... read more

A craft brewery tour of the Coromandel

Some days come fully-formed, perfect clear blue skies, one ‘out the box’, as they say here in Aoteaora. Last Friday was one such day. It’s hard to believe but that day’s work assignment was to do a tour of Coromandel craft breweries with NZ Foodfinder’s delightful... read more

One day – two cakes

It’s nice to have a few great cakes recipes up your sleeve, isn’t it? And although a classic Victoria sponge remains one of my favourites (with tart plum jam in the middle and a sprinkle of caster sugar on top), I am also keen to find new favourites. Inspired by... read more

I love lentils!

Beautiful little marbled things… these Puy lentils are my favourite! Autumn evenings are making me think about heartier food to make for the family. Do you use dried beans and lentils in your cooking? I do and they are useful and versatile store cupboard... read more

Lunch box dilemmas

I love cooking but when it comes to lunch box ideas I am more the kind of ‘open the fridge and fling it in’ kind of person. My default packed lunch seems to be a cheese sandwich, a banana, a yoghurt and a piece of fruit… nothing wrong with that I suppose, but I want... read more

Moving in… the next chapter in our new build adventure

I thought moving in would be the end of it… but of course, moving in is the just the start! We have been in our new house for five weeks now and that time has just flown past. We still haven’t totally unpacked but I am beginning to see little glimmers of how the house... read more

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