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My work life

As this website testifies, cooking and eating food are some of my life’s greatest pleasures, but when I am not doing those things I have a rich and varied work life that I love. This includes:

drawing and painting fine art and illustrations

This is a fern print that I made as a part of a larger body of work exploring NZ flora and fauna. I love printmaking; the practical skills involved, the precision, the excitement when you turn the paper over and see the print for the first time.


curating exhibitions

I have worked in the gallery sector since 1992, curating exhibitions, managing gallery spaces and caring for pieces of artwork large and small. I love to tell the stories, to join the dots and make connections and conversations between different pieces of work.

taking photographs (food, architecture, paintings, ceramic work)

This image is of a ceramic work by Louis Kittleson, a local potter. He recently used a series of photographs I took to enter the Portage Awards, a premier ceramic competition in NZ. He was a finalist and the judges loved his work and commended him on the quality of his photography.

doing graphic design and layout work

This is the new logo for Mana Retreat Centre that I recently designed, as part of a re-branding exercise I was involved in. The logo is now being used on a new website and a whole host of other printed matter.


marketing and promoting organisations and events

This is a flyer I created to promote some belly dancing classes at a local retreat centre. The teacher, Osher, had this lovely image which she wanted to use and a concept using bright earthy feminine colours.
Different versions of the artwork were used to promote the event online (a low resolution interactive pdf) and offline (an A5 high quality flyer).



I have been teaching adult education for some time: digital photography and Photoshop basics. More recently I have been voluntarily teaching a 10-week pottery module to Room 2 at Coromandel Area School. The kids are 5-6 year olds and here is some of the amazing work that they have been doing.


writing articles and reports

I work in a freelance capacity for several organisations in NZ producing annual reports, strategic planning documents, graphic information displays and travel reports. I can write, edit and layout documents so that they read well, have no punctuation or grammatical errors and pack a visual punch.

A recent project was to compile a travel report for a Winston Churchill fellow who had travelled to the USA to learn about people with a disability and work.

I am happy to provide you with more information about any of the things that I do in my varied work life.
I try to bring the same passion and enthusiasm that I have for food into everything I do!

If you would like to work with me, I am happy to chat anytime. Just contact me using the contact page.